Movie Review: God’s Not Dead

Director:  Harold Cronk

Writers: Cary Solomon, Chuck Konzelman

Based on: God’s Not Dead: Evidence For God In An Age Of Uncertainty
by Rice Broocks

Starring: Kevin Sorbo, Dean Cain, David A.R. White, Shane Harper, Willie Robertson, Korie Robertson, and the Newsboys.

I have one big problem with Christian films, and it isn’t that they are Christian rather it is production quality.  So when I saw that this had been produced by Pure Flix  I set myself for disappointment as many films produced by Pure Flix has, and I am being kind here, are at worst high school performances filmed by doting parents and at best a made for t.v. movie.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that God’s Not Dead actually had better than expected production values.  But unfortunately that didn’t help the story.  Or perhaps I should say stories because there isn’t just one story here there is about six.  And I understand that the film was made because of various different court cases

The primary story is about a university student (Shane Harper) who challenges his teacher’s (Kevin Sorbo) ascertain that since God is dead everyone in the class must write that down and sign it to pass his class.

Then there is the pastor and his missionary friend who are trying to go on vacation but every time they try the car quits working.

And the liberal blogger  who confronts Willie and Korie Robertson about putting their faith on television only to learn that she has cancer.

And the reporter’s boyfriend who dumps her when he learns of her cancer (that is a contract breaker) only to visit his senile mother who in the midst of her dementia gives a clear warning against not getting right with God only to fall back into her dementia.

The young Arab girl who becomes a Christian and is discovered by her family and thrown out of the house.

And last but certainly not least the girlfriend of the professor who is a Christian and suffers his belittling treatment in front of the rest of his atheist friends.

This is artificially all interwoven together so as to appear to be the working of God’s providence and believe me this is forced.

This is a mess, really, if this was to encourage Christians to study apologetics there are better ways of doing it.  I especially dislike the concept that we get to put God on trial as to prove His reality and that somehow people are neutral and all it takes is the right evidence to sway a person into believing in God.  Frankly I’ve yet to meet neutral university students all come with some presuppositions.  Also the evidence presented in the movie doesn’t prove the Christian God it proves a generic Theistic god that isn’t the God of the bible.

I give this movie 1.5 stars out of 5.


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