Movie Review: Antboy

Director: Ask Hasselbalch

Writers: Anders Ølholm (screenplay), Kenneth Bøgh Andersen (books)

Actors: Oscar Dietz, Amalie Kruse Jensen, Samuel Ting Graf

Twelve year old Pelle is being chased by the neighborhood bullies when he runs into the yard of the creepiest house in the neighborhood.  While crouching down he gets bit on the neck by a huge black ant.  Pelle hits the ant looks at it on his hand and falls unconscious.  When he wakes up it is dark and he is late for dinner.  After dinner Pelle goes to bed and has strange dreams when he wakes up the next morning things have changed he is incredibly strong and can hear things far away, bite through chains, and pee acid.  Yes Pelle has become a superhero and with the help of his comic book geek friend they create a costume and Antboy is born.

Yes I know this sounds a lot like a certain superhero that runs around in red and blue tights and swings on webs.  Except for one thing there is a lot more fun in this movie and hardly any angst.  Antboy is Spiderman without Uncle Ben dying and Peter needing to find the killer.  Instead you see the wonder of a twelve year old who decides to fight crime because its the right thing to do and it makes him popular.

Kids will enjoy this movie especially the parts when Pelle has to replenish his strength by eating pounds of candy.  Adults will enjoy this because it will remind them of the innocent fun they had as kids and the dreams of twelve year old comic book geeks.  Oscar Dietz, Amalie Kruse Jensen, Samuel Ting Graf

There is some violence and the movie’s villain the Flea is a little disgusting but I’m going to give this movie four stars out of five.