Frenetic Friday

Seven days!  It’s been seven days already?  Then if it’s Friday it must be Frenetic Friday (void where prohibited by law or community standards)

First a little rant.  Presented for your viewing a short film via YouTube:

Nice right?  Young Albert Einstein doing the smack down with the Atheist Teacher.

Then there is this:

ISIS militant announces his marriage to terrified 7-year old in occupied city in Syria

Horrible right?  That poor girl forced to marry that pedophile adult.

And here is the thing they’re both lies.  Yes both of them.  Total hoaxes.  Einstein never debated an atheist teacher.  (Truth or fiction:  Einstein+Atheist Teacher) and for the ISIS militant look here:

What is actually happening is the little girl is in a Koran reciting and is crying because she messed up the recitation.  Now why do I bringing this up?  Because in both incidents I was forward this by fellow Christians who didn’t check their facts!

Brothers should we confront the culture?  Of course we should but we must do it with truth not fiction there is nothing worse to see Christians being shown that the so called proof is actually an urban legend or just Islamaphobia.  Jesus said he is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6) if we are going to point to the truth we must tell the truth.  Again check your sources!

Speaking of rants Ann Coulter published this screed earlier this week regarding the Dr. who came back to the USA for Ebola treatment. (read here)  Russell Moore takes Coulter to the task in his blog post:

Ann Coulter And Our Mission

In recent days, Donald Trump and Ann Coulter have kicked up a lot of social media dust about the Christian missionaries being treated for Ebola. Trump essentially patted missionaries on the head, saying its great if you go overseas to do stuff, but you pay the consequences. Coulter was, per usual, even worse. She argued that American Christians shouldn’t even be going to Africa. “Can’t people serve Christ in America anymore?” she asked.

Many Christians were horrified because they rightly understood that Coulter’s comments are a repudiation of the gospel and the Great Commission. Many felt betrayed. We should not feel betrayed, any more than we would when Howard Stern mocks us on the radio. The same thing is at work. read more here


New Topic.

Technology is amazing especially these new 3D printers but what about printing out a house?  Well funny you should ask this gentleman has made a 3D printer that prints out cement.

3D cement printer castle.

Cool just think about building your own house using a printer.  Boggles the mind.  Here is a video of the printer um printing.

And now for that special little nerdette in your life a Transformers wedding ring.

Thanks to people at Oh Gizmo for this.

And while you’re there take a look at the Selfie Toaster.

Selfie Toaster.

Yes just take a selfie of yourself and for a mere $75 the Vermont Novelty toaster will transfer your portrait to a metal plate that will toast it on apiece of bread.  You can then eat your face.


And with that I bid you good night.