Movie Reviews: 2 Movies

The Flying Man

Director/Writer: Marcus Alqueres

Actors: Nick Smyth, Rick Cordeiro, Justin T. Lee

The flying man is a short ten minute film that looks at the super hero phenomenon from a less altruistic perspective.  What if Superman was more like General Zod ?

What if instead pulling kittens from trees and catching falling reporters named Lois Superman when finding a crime being committed killed the criminal in a gruesome way?  This is what Marcus Alqueres has proposed in his film.  The flying man is a person dressed in grey (or grey skin)  that suddenly appears and just as suddenly starts killing people.  Later it is found that each of his victims has been a criminal of some sort.  Once the flying man has found you he becomes judge, jury and executioner and the verdict is always death.  Nick Smyth, Rick Cordeiro, play two criminals that are off to pull a job.  Nick Smyth listens to the radio hearing news about the flying man (the voice(s) on the radio was played by Justin T. Lee) growing more and more nervous as he listens wanting to back out of the deal and just go home.  Rick Cordeiro plays his partner he isn’t worried about the flying man he’s confident that they’ll be in and out and gone before the flying man even appears.  He is wrong. 

This is an excellent short film the flying man show a more realistic view of a super hero given the ultimate power.  He isn’t benign no he has a set of rules  that he demands the rest of us follow and any breach of that results in death.  This also points towards those that demand safety at any cost, the cost is individual freedom, removing non-conformity, society becoming a rigid set of rules to be obeyed.    I give this movie short four stars out of five.

Saving Mr. Banks

Director:  John Lee Hancock

Writers:   Kelley Marcel, Sue Smith

Actors:  Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, and others.

There are times you wish that your heroes would remain unknown.  That is what I feel about this film.  As a child I read all of P.L. Travers Mary Poppins books.  I loved the acerbic nanny that took the Banks children on so many adventures.  To find out that the author of the books was the type of person who would kick puppies for fun (kidding)  sours the books for me.  However, that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a good film.  Emma Thompson plays Travers as a Disney hating Englishwoman who is only doing this because she needs the income.  But every step of the way she does her best to thwart the movie from happening.  Tom Hanks portrays Walt Disney as the king of the kingdom of the Mouse who patiently deals with her eccentricities and temper tantrums in order to make his daughters happy. (His daughters who read the Mary Poppins books asked him to make it into a movie).  Ultimately Disney wins and loses.  The film is made but Travers is so angry with it she cries at the première and refuses to allow Disney to every use her characters again.

I did some reading about P.L. Travers  after seeing this movie and from what I have read she was a very unlovable person.  Which is a pity as her character of Mary Poppins is her complete opposite.  I am reminded of Jack Nicholson’s character in As Good as it Gets when asked how he can  write women so well responds with  “I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.”  And perhaps that is what P.L. Travers did to create Mary Poppins  she took away those things that were her and substituted kindness and love instead.    I give this movie three point five stars out of five.


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  1. That short looks extremely interesting. I might have to give it a watch. It would be cool to see a superhero movie focus on a person who gains superpowers only to use it for his or her personal gain. Although I like the idea here as well…


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