Frenetic Friday: Fourth of July

Welcome, today is the fourth of July 2014 the United States 238 years old.  If you’re wondering why I am posting that it is because some people are having trouble with math. (follow the link)

So to continue with our education here is Red Skeleton explaining what the pledge of allegiance means:

Well I have two weeks of work here so let us continue.

When I was growing up I was bookish, most often than not you’d find me with my nose in a book rather than doing sports or just getting into mischief.  Although I did my fair share of that too.  But in this article from the Mail Online doctors are claiming that parents and teachers are pushing them to label shy or bookish children as mentally ill and place them on drugs to “cure” them of these tendencies.   Just think parents and teachers want this.  Sounds like a plot for a bad movie oh wait it was Disturbing Behavior.  It’s a sad day when reality mirrors B movies.

So did you ever wonder where Scientology came from?  Well here is the angry little man of speculative fiction to tell us all how L. Ron Hubbard invented Scientology.

And now for our Robotic Over Lords section we have a man with a dream.  And what exactly is that dream why to build a Volkswagen bug juggling robot.  No really I’m not kidding you, he wants to build a robot that juggles Volkswagens.  And here is his dream:

To all my readers happy fourth of July let us enjoy these freedoms while we still are able to do so.





2 Replies to “Frenetic Friday: Fourth of July”

  1. I too was supposed to be “treated” for not fitting the mold “Failure to thrive” was the term pinned on me for being a “late bloomer.” Lots of foster kids don’t exactly thrive in the care of the state, so what’s new. That and my issues with reading had me on the way to labeled with other potentially damaging tags, but I moved to another school and avoided the school’s idiotic psycho-social “help.”


    1. Well my Father’s cure was to throw me out the house as a child. It was unnatural for a boy to be inside with his nose in a book. But once I found the local library well the die was cast.


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