Book Review: Yawning At Tigers by Drew Nathan Dyck


Book Review:  Yawning At Tigers  by Drew Nathan Dyck

Drew Nathan Dyck wants to introduce you to an uncomfortable God. In his book Yawning at Tigers he examines the attributes of God but not just the comfortable ones, like love, but also the ones like wrath, holiness, transcendence, and immanence.

This book takes the layman on a guide of the attributes of God and using easy to understand examples of what each attribute is and how we can then look anew at who God is and how to rid ourselves of the comfortable idols that we’ve created instead of worshiping the true living God that can’t be tamed.

There is a lot to like about this book it is easy to read and the author uses real life situations to bring the reader to the understanding of what attribute of God he is teaching about. The author also points out a current problem infesting the Evangelical understanding of God: our tendency of worshiping a lesser god.

The only thing that I can say makes me uncomfortable regarding this book and this may have been the author’s intent, is some of the people that he quotes or uses for illustrations. My presuppositions are conservative, protestant, and narrow when it comes to sources of information regarding my theology. So when the author quotes from R.C. Sproul, Kevin DeYoung, or Louis Berkhof I’m happy as a clam in mud but when he quotes from Coptic Christian woman named “Mama Maggie” or Brennan Manning I grow uncomfortable. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read this book rather it means that this book will stretch your presuppositions and that is a good thing.

This book also has a discussion guide in the back of the book for use in study groups and I would say it is also useful for the lone reader who wants to go beyond just reading the book but actually studying what the author is writing about.

This is a book you should read.



Drew Nathan Dyck is the managing editor of Leadership Journal and the author of Generation Ex-Christian.  You can find more about him at