Frenetic Friday

Welcome once again to Frenetic Friday!  We have a full schedule here so away we go.

So welcome to shame month.  Actually it is LGBQT Pride month but if you don’t think you should take pride in sin then what happens?  Well for one thing if you’re a  Colorado Baker named Jack Phillips you are ordered into providing anti-discrimination training to your employees for two years and provide a detailed list of any person you may refuse to serve.  Oh and you have to bake a wedding cakes for gay couples.  Jack Phillips now doesn’t offer wedding cakes for sale.

But wait there is more in well at least in California where elementary children (five years old in some cases) were sent to a mandatory LGBTQ assembly where they were taught about the homosexual rainbow flag and “queer” history.  Oh and parents weren’t told about this either.

By the way if you get a chance take a read this post at Denny Burk’s blog on why surgery is not the answer for transgender.

Turning now to the religion of peace Mike Konrad gives a detailed article on the greatest murder machine in history.  The number is mind boggling.

Speaking of the news of the weird which we weren’t but we are now.  Do you remember Van Gogh?  Because of his mental illness Van Gogh is said to have cut off his ear.  Well using genetic material from the descendants of Van Gogh’s brother they have grown a copy of Van Gogh’s ear and display it in a German museum!   Disturbing to say the least.

Do you know what the Turing test is?  No? Well the Turing test is the ability of a machine to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to or indistinguishable from a human.  Now comes the news that a computer program has passed the Turing test in particular the program duped 30 percent of the judges in a five minute text based chat.  This has never been accomplished before.  But not everyone thinks that the computer program passed the test.   Just one step closer to our subjugation under the Robotic Over Lords.

Finally a bit of whimsy for the Dr. Who fans:





6 Replies to “Frenetic Friday”

  1. Downright stupid about the whole wedding cake issue. How can a man go about running a business that way? Refusing to serve a paying customer is outrageous just because of who he or she falls in love with………..
    I mean, unless it is a child or animal of course. Because than I could understand.


    1. The baker in question had served LBGQT people before and had never refused service for any other product. However, because he holds to traditional marriage and believes that making a wedding cake for anything but that would violate to what he holds true he couldn’t in good conscience violate that truth. The fact that the government feels the need to reeducate the traditional Christian beliefs of people I find disturbing because where will that reeducation end?


  2. I think the secret classes without telling parents thing is a little bit silly. However, the cake thing kind of bothers me just because hey…if he can refuse wedding cakes to them….what if another guy tries to claim it is against his family beliefs to serve Indian people…and so on?
    I feel that sometimes folks use their religious beliefs as an excuse to be straight awful about it. For example, I go to the same barber very frequently. They are Catholic as am I! However, the last time I went….I had to sit through them talking to each-other about how God is against Gays and how they deserve to be sent to an island and killed for their sins. He said to the other guy that they CHOOSE to be that way! I am completely straight but damn…that outlook upset me.
    I think running a business means that one should not refuse service because of another person’s beliefs. I do fully understand and respect your points though:)


      1. It is very complex and there is multiple issues that come into play I get all different types of news sent to me just so I can write on these subjects and sometimes I must admit to being a bit overwhelmed . Thanks for the comments I appreciate it.


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