Movie Review: Spellbound 2011

Director Hwang In-Ho

Son Ye-jin as Yeo-ri

Lee Min-ki as Jo-gu

Genre: Horror, Romance

Ok I have a confession most American horror movies bore me to tears.  And if they don’t bore me they nauseate me by being a gore fest.  But you really want to know what will make me turn on all the lights in the house and drink coffee until dawn?  Just put in an Asian horror movie.  Especially if it has ghosts.  Ring feh I laughed through the American remake, Ringu  my palms sweat like that normally, you don’t mind if I TURN ON SOME LIGHTS DO YOU! I seriously c an’t imagine sitting through that movie in a regular theater.

So that brings me to Spellbound.  A horror-romance.  See that just sucks you in, what is a horror-romance?  Well here is the synopsis:  Yeo-ri sees ghosts this has been the case since she was young but that isn’t the only thing if she sees the ghost when people are around well bad things happen to those people.  So in an effort to keep other people from being hurt she separates herself from the rest of humanity, at least as much as possible.  But she come under the notice of Jo-gu a street magician who sees a potential act using this person so he persuades her to join his troupe.  A year later Jo-gu has a hit horror-magic show where Yeo-ri plays a ghost that swoops down upon a person in the audience and drags them into a closet until the magician, Jo-gu compels her to release the person.  Needless to say the show is a hit but Yeo-ri still won’t join in with the rest of the troupe for drinks or anything.  Jo-gu follows her home one day to find out.  There she tells him about the ghosts.  He doesn’t believe her until he sees a child ghost run through her house and the wall.  He goes home shaken only to find that the ghost child has jumped on his back and he can’t get rid of it.  He calls Yeo-ri for help, she arrives and with  Jo-gu in tow they find out what the ghost child wants.  From there Jo-gu is hooked he wants to be with Yeo-ri even if being with her scares him to death.

This is a fun film and if you don’t like films with subtitles, get over yourself! Expand your horizons.  So as I was saying this is a fun film the lead actress is charming and the lead actor brings the right amount of comedy to the character to make him perfect.  (He cracks jokes to deal with his fear something I can relate with.) There are some intense scenes in this movie that might scare younger children and there is some adult language but no nudity.

I give Spellbound 3.5 stars out of 5.