Movie Review: Godzilla 2014


He’s back and bigger than ever! And this isn’t that Matthew Broderick version oh no this is the old version with improvements. No rubber suit here not at all but still it has some of the same message, or if you wish propaganda, as the original Gojira.

When the movie opens you see a series of flash backs on what appears to be the original atomic tests after Hiroshima.  Except was that a saw-toothed back fin I just saw break the water?  The film moves to the Philippines in the 90’s there in a large open mine.  There a Japanese expert follows the miners into what appears to be a large cave but further examination shows it to be the rib cage of an immense skeleton!  There hanging from the remnants of the skeleton is what appears to be a large egg sack that appears to have nothing living in it.  Right next to it is another sack that appears of have split open and the researchers follow it to a hole dug out of the side of the hill and what appears to be a trail leading into the ocean.

In Japan, on an island nuclear reactor. an American engineer is busily rushing about talking excitedly to his counterpart at the reactor.  As he rushes about his son vainly tries to get his attention as he drags a happy birthday sign behind him.  Unfortunately the son gets ignored as both parents rush to the reactor.  While there the worst possible happens a core dump occurs killing the mother of the boy and rendering the island uninhabitable.

Does this appear a little much?  I haven’t even gotten to the appearance of Godzilla yet.  But don’t worry he will appear and he is worth the wait.  In fact the only thing I have against this film is that there is a little too much back story.  The original movie, Gojira, (which I watched again just before writing this) took less than this to get to the monster.  And once he and the other monsters appears, yes I used the plural, the movie takes off.

Now just as the original movie this also has a preachy sub text about the dangers of nuclear technology and getting too advanced with the technology.  The other monsters big “weapon” is an EMP wave that kills any electronics with in reach.  So you will see planes fall out of the sky and cities suddenly go dark as the monster wanders across the country.  And it is the “helplessness” of the people without there tech is the emphasis that is pushed as was the danger of atomic power in the first movie.

But don’t over think this you can enjoy this movie while ignoring the preaching it is possible.

I give Godzilla three and half stars out of five.

Godzilla picture created by Matt W. Nelson used with permission.


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  1. I actually enjoy when monster movies have some sort of message to them so that did not bother me much! I would not have minded the back-story if it was about Bryan Cranston trying to avenge the death of his wife. He is extremely interesting in the first quarter of the film! His son slowed things down though…


    1. Well yes but when I compare the “messages” of the monster flicks of my callow youth (Lon Chaney Jr’s the werewolf for instance) to the current crop they seem a bit heavy handed.


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