Frenetic Friday

Smiles everyone smiles welcome to Frenetic Friday!

First I’d like to give a shout out to Wes Sorrells who pointed out that I had misspelled one of my categories.  I appreciate all the readers of the blog pointing out when I fat finger something.

And now on with the show.

In the religion department this one is for my friend the Sidekick even though he has become a Reformed Baptist (good choice, excellent choice!) here is five reasons it might be time to leave the PCA:

1) A Failure to Exercise Discipline: In 2007 several ministers who were known advocates of Federal Vision (FV) theology drew up and signed what they called, “A Joint Federal Vision Profession” in which they tried to make clear what advocates of the Federal Vision affirmed and denied regarding doctrines at the heart of the Christian faith. This profession was signed by ministers from the CREC (which has become well known as an FV friendly denomination) as well as several ministers from the PCA including Jeff Meyers, Mark Horne, Steve Wilkins, and Peter Leithart. The question of whether these ministers were FV advocates had never really been in question, but their signatures on the Profession certainly removed all question regarding their FV beliefs.

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Now some would ask since I’m a Reformed Baptist do I actually have a dog in this fight? I would say yes, as many of my RB brothers would point out in some places in the country finding a Reformed Baptist church is hard to do. Many of us have to find a similar Presbyterian church that holds to what the scripture teaches. So many of us will then go to an OPC or a PCA church. But if the PCA is in a downgrade situation then where can we go? So it is to our own benefit to help our Presbyterian brethren.

In case you didn’t know there has been a remake of Rosemary’s Baby on NBC so I have to ask just how much of a coincidence is it that a Satanist group tried to hold a black mass at Harvard.  Yes the operative word is tried because even though the Harvard Extension School Cultural Studies Club had scheduled the ritual for Monday they cancelled it and moved it off campus because of “misinterpretations about the nature of the event were harming perceptions about Harvard and adversely impacting the student community.”  I’m sure that it had nothing to do with the sound of John Harvard, the clergyman who bequeathed the original money for the founding of Harvard, turning in his grave.

And last in our religion category we have this: the Ophel inscription.    What is the Ophel inscription? Well it is a series of 3000 year old characters that was found in July in Israel.  Why is this significant?  Well the text suspected to be an early form of southern Hebrew would mean that  the Jewish people inhabited Jerusalem earlier than it is previously believed and that inhabitation would have coincided with the reign of King Solomon.  So these few letters would help prove that Solomon actually existed.  And of course the is heated debate as to whether this shard of pottery does in fact make that true.  But whatever may come from this it is proof that people 3000 years ago were writing where Jerusalem existed.

Turning now to  the realm of politics there is a new film out called Blue (Blue Beats Green) which is an answer to the green politics of the current administration here is the trailer:

Now I haven’t seen the film yet and this was sent to me by a friend whose opinion I respect so if this is playing in your area (and it will be playing in mine) perhaps you’ll take some time to check it out.

And now transitioning from politics to things that make me scratch my head.  Are you a sandwich cookie dunker?  Does nothing thrill you more than opening a package of cookies, twin disks of chocolate separated by creamy frosting, filling up a talk glass of milk (or the equivalent for our lactose intolerant friends) and plunging the cookie into the milk  then transferring said  cookie dripping with milk to your mouth. Have you thought to yourself this would be perfection itself if I didn’t get my fingers wet from the milk?  Friends I have something for you introducing the dipr the ultimate cookie spoon:

You know this is like eating Cheetos with chopsticks yes it keeps your fingers clean but really does it really add to experience of cookies and milk?

And lastly here is another video from our Robotic Overlords showing their ability to play table tennis:

Timo Boll vs KUKA Robot

You just know that Timo Boll has been targeted by our Robotic Overlords for beating their champion.


4 Replies to “Frenetic Friday”

  1. We (Windwood Presbyterian Church) are in hopefully, the final throws of divesting ourselves from the PCA. This has been a very long and difficult process to leave the failing denomination and maintain ownership of the property.


  2. I think that my last PCA church will remain in the denomination enthusiastically. Or perhaps they’ll even become Roman Catholic – they are certainly headed that way, and it breaks my heart. I have met other Reformed Baptists who – for lack of any other Reformed church in their city – worship at PCA or OPC churches. May our Father give boldness to our Presbyterian brethren to stand firmly for His gospel.


    1. Amen brother believe me it is tough to find RB churches especially in this area as it is one of the “most unchurched areas in the country” finding any good churches is tough and finding any that hold to the doctrines of Grace well, some here would rather tar and feather you. Love your blog keep writing you always edify me.


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