Movie Review: Odd Thomas

Odd Thomas is the name of a short order cook in a series of books written by Dean Koontz.  This is director/writer Stephen Sommers attempt to bring to the big screen the first of these books.

Odd Thomas (Anton Yelchin) lives in Pico Mundo California (pico mundo means peak world in the Spanish language) a town on the edge of a desert.  It is a sleepy little place and Odd Thomas (his real name) is the best short order cook at the Pico Mundo Grille.  And he sees ghosts.  All the time, everywhere he goes.  As he explains it ghosts can’t talk but he can talk to them.  And Odd has one other job, it’s sort of a secret job, he helps the chief of police (William Dafoe) solve murders.  Because the ghosts point Odd to who are their murderers.  Which makes for some interesting legal gymnastics for the chief of police because he can’t say that a ghost told him.

The only other live person in Odd’s life is Stormy( Addison Timlin) the woman that Odd is positive he is to spend the rest of his life together with.  Well trouble is coming to Pico Mundo and only Odd can see it.

Yes let’s leave the description on that cliff hanger shall we.  Although I am going to throw this out Dean Koontz has never ever written a happy ending that I’ve ever read, let the reader understand.

The good:  Stepehn Summers gets the look and feel of Kuntz’s Pico Mundo from the quirky characters that seem to inhabit almost every small town and especially here to the perfect casting of Anton Yelchin and Addison Timlin as Odd and Stormy.  William Dafoe gives a good portrayal of a law officer trying to deal with an eccentric friend who just happens to be almost always right when it comes to solving crimes especially murders.

The not so good: This once again is a film for the fans of the Odd Thomas series and if you’re a fan it will be enjoyable it but if you’re not a fan well you’re going to say well it’s okay if there isn’t anything else to watch.

For families:  Elements of supernatural, murder, and violence be aware of this before anyone under thirteen watches it.

I want to give this a 3.75 stars but again I am a fan of the series so if I go on it’s own merits as if I never read the books I would have to go with 2.5 stars out of 5.