Frenetic Friday: Religion of Peace

Today’s post come mostly from Persecution.Org so let’s start:

Do you know what a hundred lashes feels like?  The apostle Paul does although it was only 99 each time it happened to him.  But imagine you are a a young mother expecting your second child, alone away from your husband and child, in a prison waiting for the unimaginable to occur.  You are about to be beaten because you are an adulteress.    But, it isn’t because you have slept with another man besides your husband, no it is because the government in Sudan doesn’t recognize your marriage because your husband is a Christian!  And because you are pregnant with his child according to Sharia  influenced  law your are an adulteress.  And because you are a Christian your a heretic so besides being beaten you are also in danger of being executed.

Pregnant mother in Sudan faces 100 lashings and death for Christian conversion.

It is Easter you are meeting with your fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord celebrating the resurrection of our Lord when in come security forces arresting all that are in the church taking them out in two white vans not to be seen again.  Such was the fate of a house-church in Iran which was raided by security forces this has become common place in Iran where Christians have been jailed for long prison terms and churches have been shut down.

Christian converts arrested at Easter service in Iran.

700 women and children,  between the ages of 12 and 25, every year.  Sounds ominous doesn’t it.  Sounds like a statistic in which a celebrity wearing some colored ribbon would step out on a stage and ask if you could please give to help stop this from happening.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Help stop something that is affecting 700 women and children?  Well it won’t happen because what is happening is that those women and children are being forced to become Muslim.   And no celebrity wants to get involved.  Where is this happening?  Pakistan where Christian women are abducted, forced to convert ot Islam and then married to a Muslim man, and raped.  And because the exact number isn’t known the amount of Christian women and children are probably higher.

Forced conversion of Christian women and children.

School girls in Nigeria, 230 of them, kidnapped by Islamic extremists.  Do I need to say any more?

Pray for Christians in these countries that they can endure.