Movie Review: The Family (2013)

First and this is long over due to all the new followers of the blog, thank you.  I appreciate you coming to see what I’ve been doing here week after week.  I’d also like to point you to Thy Critic Man another fellow blogger who does movie reviews and in more depth than I.

Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones, and Luc Besson you would think that with a cast like that and a writer and director like Luc Besson that you could expect a movie that you’d enjoy.  Well you’d be wrong. 

So a mafia boss and his family get moved to France.  Why? Well the long and short of it is that where ever they go they can’t help but revert to type.  They start beating people up creating scams and rackets, and just being destructive.  And guess what in this town in France they are up to the same old ways.  And it is so contrived and over done that it is a train wreck followed by a twelve car pile up topped by planes falling out of the sky.  Otherwise horrible.  This is acting that could have been performed by the local theater troupe that is comprised of the cast of Jersey Shore and snooty French Canadians.

Sometimes when I see actors of the caliber of  De Niro, Pfeiffer, and Jones in movies like these and I ask myself why?  Why did I get my hopes up, why didn’t  someone warn me that this was a truly horrible movie.  Well I took the bullet, I did the deed, I pushed you to the curb and let the car hit me.  This is a horrible movie and a waste of talent skip it put it on your list of things that you’d rather get a sharp stick in your eye then see.

I give this zero stars.



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  1. Robert Deniro….He doesn’t make good choices any more. The man has been in some of the greatest movies of all time, and then he has also been in movies like this. It’s unforutuante. He must owe someone a great deal of money. I like your post at least. Check out my blog if you get a chance


  2. As much as I adore Michelle Pfeiffer I’ve held off from watching “The Family” and after reading your article I’m very glad I have.
    It saddens me more than a little to see the decline of De Niro and Pfeiffer’s fortunes over recent years. I’ve grown up watching Michelle and even though we’ve both got older, she remains transcendent. Somehow her recent roles feel like someone’s put a lampshade on the brightest light in the room.


    1. Paul thanks for taking the time to read my review I appreciate it. And may I quote you regarding Pfeiffer? I really like that “putting a lampshade on the brightest light in the room” well put sir.


  3. Thank you a ton for the shout-out dude! I agree! I watched this a while back and still have not got around to writing a review! Why? Even the thought of spending more time on this film is boring me to death. What a disappointment!


    1. Please think nothing of it your reviews actually help me write better reviews I should thank you for making me look deeper at the movies I watch.


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