Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The star spangled avenger returns to the screen in what I consider one of the best films that Marvel has ever produced.

The movie opens with Steve Rogers (Captain America) running  and boy is he! Speeding around the reflecting pool constantly saying on your left to Sam Wilson (AKA Falcon) until he finally runs him into the ground and Wilson sits down to rest.  And that is when Steve introduces himself.  But the man needs no introduction as Sam Wilson recognizes Captain America right off.  They exchange pleasantries until Steve is called to duty by the Black Widow.  From their they are taken to Nick Fury’s office and briefed on a situation in which a SHIELD ship has been captured by pirates. Captain America and a team of SHIELD agents including the Black Widow.  Captain America dives from the plane (sans parachute) and proceeds to eliminate the bad guys.  But the Black Widow has her own agenda which is discovered by Captain America.

later confronting both the Widow and Nick Fury Captain America is told by Fury not to trust SHIELD because there is something wrong.  It is just after this that Nick Fury is killed.

And no more spoilers go see the movie or read other reviews where they tell you the whole movie.  (And shame on you if you do)

There are a lot of things I like about this movie, I like how they take a person born 95 years ago (Steve Rogers) and show how he is trying to adjust to a world where the bad guys aren’t so easily identified.  Where shades of grey seem to be the norm for the people around him.  I also like how they show he is trying to catch up with even the little things like the best songs to listen to since he last listened to a radio. (Troubled Man by Marvin Gaye go listen to it) And I especially like how Captain America stays true to the ideals of his youth.

Lots of action in this film, great action and not only by Captain America.  Black Widow’s is finally given depth instead of being just a fem fatale and Sam Wilson aka the Falcon is perfect as Steve’s new partner.  More back story on Nick Fury is revealed and he is shown to be more than just an ultimate spy master.  And I don’t know who the genius was that got Robert Redford to be in this movie but it was brilliant.

Five stars for this movie go see it.


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  1. I agree with you completely in regards to how DC can learn a thing or two. Of course, Marvel has had some faults as well but oh boy was Superman a disappointment last year! I was so pumped for that film only for it to turn out to be a snore. As much as I prefer the hero Superman to Captain America…I would watch this film 3 times in a row instead of having to watch Man of Steel twice in a week!


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