Frenetic Friday

It has been an interesting week let’s start off with a blast from the past:

In 2012 Karen L. King came up with a piece of papyrus that seemed to suggest that Jesus had a wife.  Well now after two years the Harvard Divinity school has released a statement saying that the papyrus is likely authentically ancient.  Now notice what that doesn’t say.  It doesn’t say that Jesus actually had a wife, it doesn’t say that women were apostles, and it doesn’t say that it was a part of the accepted canon such as the gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John.  In fact what they are saying is that this is probably a snippet from a larger manuscript.   But that isn’t all, in the same magazine (Harvard Theological Review), there is an article by Leo Depuydt a professor of Egyptology saying why he still thinks that the papyrus is a fake.  He says, the fragment so patently fake that it “seems ripe for a Monty Python sketch.”   But I think Albert Mohler said it best when he said:  ” even if you grant the entire case being claimed by the professor here in the center of this case, Professor Karen King, what does it demonstrate? Well it demonstrates what we already knew: there were minority heretical voices in early Christianity. And there are now. The difference is now people want to claim the margin for the center and push the center to the margin. And for Christians, that’s the most important insight in terms of this story.” 

And now an update from the Elane Photography case the Christian photographer that declined to photograph a gay couple’s “marriage ceremony” the Supreme Court has declined to hear the case and this means that Elane Photography has lost the right to refuse service based upon their Christian convictions.  But this has further ramifications as pointed out in the article by Forbes.  This case could also be used by KKK members to force Jewish bakers to bake them treats for their racist rallies.  For that matter radical shirtless and barefoot groups could demand entrance into stores that prohibit such behavior.  See all you have to say is your being discriminated against and then common sense is thrown out of the window.  And what also that means is that people who want to try and start up a business have a harder time doing so.  The proof of this is found  in Sellwood where an organic grocery store is trying to open and the owner posted on Facebook about how she thinks marriage should be between a man and a woman.  Well the Sellwood area is up in arms after all it is an open-minded neighborhood, which means it is open to anything but something that goes against what they believe.

So lets switch from politics and religion to science.  A rail gun is is an electromagnetic device that thrusts projectiles at a high velocity resulting in devastating effect.  The Navy has been testing a prototype gun that shoots a projectile at Mach 10.


And last but not least a clever character has taken the Men’s Without Hats classic Safety Dance and added anime to it and well take a look:

I will see you next week.