Movie Review: Homefront

Homefront was written by Sylvester Stallone and Chuck Logan.  It stars Jason Statham, James Franco, Winona Ryder, and Kate Bosworth.

Statham ex-DEA, widower goes to live in a small town in what appears to be Louisiana to get away from his last assignment which had him disguised as a mullet wearing biker lieutenant.  The assignment goes wrong horribly wrong almost as wrong as that mullet wig that Statham was wearing at the time.

So now he has his normal shaved head appearance (whew!) and is trying to fix up an old country house while raising his daughter and trying to keep a low profile.  Of course this ends when his daughter is picked upon by the schoolyard bully and she proceeds to wipe the floor (figuratively speaking since this occurs out doors) with the bully.  This of course means that the school has to call her father since fighting back against a bully is wrong.

By the way one of the best lines in this film happens when the daughter’s teacher confronts Jason Statham and asks him if he taught his daughter to fight and he replies that he didn’t teach her to fight he taught her to defend herself.

Statham is then confronted by the meth addicted mother  (Kate Bosworth) of the schoolyard tough and her weakling husband.  When she goads her husband into fighting Statham, the husband gets put down hard and is humiliated in front of everyone at the school.  This is of course the pivotal moment when everything goes wrong.  For the meth addicted mom is of course the sister of the local meth lord played by James Franco.  From there Statham’s character goes from one fight to another until the climatic battle which will of course include the biker gang that he thought he had left behind.

This action flick could have gone much better the problem wasn’t so much with the story as what was done with it.  Statham plays best as someone who wants to be left alone and live his life.  You saw him play that in the first Transporter film and  that he starred in and when he is playing action hero that is his best incarnation.  Unfortunately, the director didn’t take that into consideration.

So let’s do a little check list.  Jason Statham, check, action scenes, check, cheesy plot double check, James Franco, check, profanity, drugs, but no nudity, check, check, and check.  Don’t rent this movie, wait until it hits a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu.

I give this two stars out of five.


As a post script I will be reviewing the following movies:  The Family, Out of the Furnace, The Grandmaster, Odd Thomas and Captain America:  The Winter Soldier


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  1. I completely agree! I thought this was a total bore and carried zero thrills! James Franco did a great job but it never really paid off! Hell, the action in this isn’t even much fun!


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