Frenetic Friday

So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. Thank you it is Frenetic Friday.

It has been so long since we had a religion of peace update I thought we’d take a look and see the latest.   A film has been made to show the plight of women under Islamic rule.  It is called Honor Diaries.  It shows exactly what happens to women in Muslim  dominant countries.  Here is the trailer:

Well needless to say this hasn’t set well with CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and they have cried foul.  But Megyn Kelly has given them a mega slap down!

With thanks to the Acts 17 Apologetics. (

Put down that camera phone!  What you haven’t heard?  Seems that Selfies  (self portraits taken by either phone or camera) are actually a symptom of a mental disease that is linked to narcissism, mental illness, and addiction that is what this article by the International Business Times seems to posit.  Now put down the camera while these nice men fit you with this white jacket that buckles in the back.

Speaking of brown shirts the tolerance police has cracked down once again on the sins, or at least the perceived sins.  Brendan Eich the inventor of Javascript six years ago contributed $1000 to proposition 8.  Now after being  the CEO of Mozilla for only two weeks he has been forced to resign because of the pressure against him by gay activists  who says that everyone can have their own views as long as they support and affirm the rightness of their view even if goes against what they hold.  Keep in mind that the list of prop 8 donors is still out there, (prop 8 donors) and it will just be a matter of time for another donor to be shamed by the the tolerance police.

Our last two entries  can be filed under the wacky and weird.  Cryptozoology is the study of mythical creatures like Bigfoot.  Well earlier this year a guy by the name of Rick Dyer claimed to have shot and killed a real Bigfoot that he had lured in with barbeque ribs.  He had pictures of the creature’s corpse and claimed to have sent the DNA to a university for confirmation.  Except for the fact that Rick Dyers is a notorious con man and it turns out that a creature shop called Twisted Toys made the Bigfoot for Dyers who told the owner that he needed a movie prop.  Truthful lips endure forever,but a lying tongue is but for a moment. Proverbs 12:19

And last it appears the holy grail has been found.

Experts claim that the cup used by Christ in the last supper has been found in a church in Spain.  Two historians say the cup was stolen by Muslims taken to Egypt and then finally given to the king of Spain after it was disguised  by jewels.  Others disagree saying the grail will never be found.

And that’s it for tonight.