Movie Review: Veronica Mars

Veronica who?  Yes it is Veronica Mars the little show that could which was one of the only crowd funded films that made $5,702,153 from 91,585 backers in the shortest possible time.  So what is this show and where did it come from?

Veronica Mars was a show that started on the now defunct UPN network and then migrated over to the CW network.  Veronica was a high school student in Neptune California whose best friend was murdered and she coped with her murder by investigating who killed her.  Which didn’t win her any friends in high school and actually made her quite a few enemies.   This series which was a grittier version of Nancy Drew lasted for about three seasons and was actually quite good.  And then because the fan base was so small they pulled the plug.

But the fans wailed, caterwauling and letting it be known they wanted a movie that would sort of wrap it up because the series ended horribly.   And they got it.


It’s been ten years and Veronica Mars has left Neptune California and now lives in New York, she put it all behind her, she’s gotten a degree in Law and is going before the Bar.  Or has she?  Veronica gets a call from her old boyfriend he is being accused of murder and can she help?  And just like that Neptune pulls her back into the hell she ran so hard to get away from.

This is a movie that plays to the fans.  You had to watch the series to truly get the little in jokes, and various catty remarks that will constantly barrage Veronica as she tries to find out who murdered her former boyfriend’s girlfriend.  Now I admit I am a bit of a fan of the show, although I never saw the last season until I could stream it on Netflix (which you no longer can do).  And I admit I was unsatisfied with how it ended.    Not so with this movie this brought it all together characters had grown and changed and the movie reflected that.   If your a fan and if the movie is playing in your town or if you can stream it take a look I think you’ll like it.

Veronica Mars gets 4 stars