Frenetic Friday

Hello and welcome to another Frenetic Friday!  I’m properly caffeinated for this so let’s begin!

Speaking of caffeine do you buy your coffee at Starbucks?  Are you someone who likes those creamed and whipped and candied drinks well then here is an instagram that should give you some information regarding how many calories you are consuming opposed to a plain black cup of joe.

How many calories are in a drink from Starbucks

Personally speaking I don’t like Starbucks or as I call it Five Bucks coffee but I have been tempted by those dessert coffees now I’m convinced to pass them by before I have a bypass.

Do you listen to Podcasts?  I do some on my list are the Dividing Line, Apologia Radio, Reformed Pubcast and Albert Mohler’s the briefing. In fact it was the briefing that I heard about Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood who stated that: “For me, I’m the mother of three children. For me, life began when I delivered them. They’ve been probably the most important thing in my life ever since. But that was my own personal decision.”

So let’s examine that statement.  For those nine months that she carried those children in her womb in her mind they weren’t truly her children until they were delivered.  I can’t begin to imagine feeling that baby move inside, feel the kicking, hearing the heartbeat when the doctor checked the health of the baby.  Did she think it was protoplasm when she saw the ultrasound?  And she thought this about three children.  How would you explain that to your children?  Why yes Timmy until the doctor actually delivered you I thought you were just a blob of flesh not really a person in fact Timmy I would have had no problem ending your life 24 hours previous to your delivery.  Truly the culture of death is incomprehensible.

Switching to tech news, how do you feel about lamp posts?  Me I like them I walk frequently either late at night or early in the morning so seeing the road ahead of you is big for me.   So what if these lamp posts had LED screens to show ads?  What if they had microphones and cameras installed in them to record what you were doing?   These new lamp posts that are being rolled out have a microprocessor similar to an iPhone and have installed them homeland security apps!  Not only can they record conversations and take pictures but they have a built in speaker that can tell you what to do also!  Shades of George Orwell its big brother lamp posts! 

Do you remember the Back to the Future Films?  In Back to the Future 2 Marty had a pair of Nike kicks that tied themselves well Nike has said that in 2015 they are rolling out a set of shoes that have power laces that tie themselves.  Personally I’m still waiting for my flying car from the Jetsons.

Switching back to culture Matt Walsh says that America is too smart to listen to Beyonce.  In the post Matt points to Beyonce’s “song” Partition in which a certain sex act is sung about.  Now Matt firmly points to the fact that this song is hypersexual in it’s lyrics, which really isn’t a surprise to anyone, but Matt goes beyond that and points out that the lyrics are hyperstupid and that is why listening to Beyonce is killing your brain.  Here is your brain, here is your brain on Beyonce any questions?

And lastly here is a list of the names of 50 people found in the Bible and confirmed by archaeologically.

Have a good weekend.