Movie Review: Escape Plan

Before I start with the movie review I’d like to point to another review:  ‘Son of God’ is most certainly not the Son of God.  Now I’m not going to see this movie but I had seen portions of this when it was the “Bible” miniseries and well, let’s just say the doctors say that screaming at the tv screen is bad for my health.  I have no desire to be evicted from the movie theater because I am standing there yelling blasphemy!  It is without a doubt that if you want an accurate portrayal of the Son of God then there is no better source than the four gospels.

Arnold! Stallone! Never has the English language been so mangled!  But seriously folks lets have some fun here!  Sly Stallone plays a man whose job is to break out of high security prisons in fact he wrote a book about it.  Now he is facing his biggest challenge the ultimate CIA prison made so that the CIA can hold prisoners off the books.  But that’s not all the warden of this new super prison has read Stallone’s book and he knows all the way to block the normal method of escape.

In prison Stallone meets Arnold who is the boss of the jail yard they strike up a deal . Arnold will supply him with the necessary tools Stallone will get Arnold out.

Now anything more will give away the entire story.  The movie is a little Count of Monte Cristo, plus Escape from Alcatraz all rolled up in a German/Jersey accent.  It is entertaining enough and I would definitely say it is something for a snowed in weekend.

Escape plan contains violence, language and elements torture I give it a three prison keys out of five.