Personal Update

These past few weeks I haven’t been updating as regular as I wanted .  Well there has been a reason for that I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer)  on my face.  I had it removed and just recently learned that they got it all.  In fact I just came back from having the stitches taken out.  So my mind has been on other things and unfortunately the blog has suffered for it.  But I am back and focused once more with a cool new scar, not quite Bond villain, but it has promise.  So thank you for your patience. 


2 Replies to “Personal Update”

  1. Now you must be vigilant, my friend. Keep watch for new little bumps and any changes in your skin, and see the dermatologist once a year. Basal cells are easy to treat if you catch it early. So are you called Scarface now and do you find yourself introducing people to firearms? “Say hello to my little friend!”


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