Movie Review: The Croods

So the Croods, first let me point out that what ever the Croods are the history, or prehistory, they portray isn’t meant to be accurate to the earth’s history.  So if your concerned that the Croods are teaching some form of Darwinian evolution lets just say you are really going to have to look hard for it.

But what does Crood teach, because unfortunately if your a cartoon made by an American company you must teach something you can’t just entertain.  Well to see that you have understand the story of the Croods.  The Croods are the last of the cave dwelling people in the area. The rest of the families have died through one calamity or another.  And how have they survived well by following the father of the Croods portrayed by Nicholas Cage who teaches if it is different or unknown then run back into the cave and cover the opening with a rock.  Needless to say this irks the eldest child a daughter Eep, voiced by Emma Stone, to no end.  She wants to explore to see new things and so every chance she gets she rebels against her father and goes as far from the cage as she can.

It is on one of these trips she discovers Guy voiced by Ryan Reynolds.  Guy is different he isn’t as strong as the Croods but he has technology such as fire, a belt, shoes, and best of all he has new ideas.  This fascinates Eep to no end and she wants to know Guy more not so her father Guy represents everything he is against but it is all moot because the Croods life is about to change via catastrophe and Guy is their only salvation.

So what does it teach?  Dads are hide bound backward thinking jerks who just want to keep their kids down and not let them or the rest of the family have fun.  In fact the only time Dad becomes cool is when he has a new idea.

But that isn’t the only thing the Croods teach, it also teaches that in the world there is a sense of wonder about it and an uniqueness that is meant to be appreciated.  It also teaches that by helping each other you can survive challenges.

Bottom line: The Croods is a funny film about families and survival there are some good things and if you’re a parent emphasize those parts while at the same time show how fathers aren’t what is being portrayed in the movie.

The Croods get three stars.