OS Woes

Well my main desktop Windows operating system otherwise know as Satan!   Has decided to remove my linux partition and corrupt my grub configuration file.  So I have spent the weekend remaking my desktop.  The linux partition was easy to recreate but the windows of course has taken the most of the time and I am still not done.  I would go completely linux but unfortunately there is still a few needed programs that linux doesn’t have.  So once the desktop is finished the normal posting will continue. 


2 Replies to “OS Woes”

  1. Oh no! I’ve never dual-booted. If I needed a different OS I think I would run it in a virtual environment… especially Windows with all it’s vulnerabilities. What Winblows software do you need that there’s not a good Linux counterpart for (just curious)? I know if you’re a serious gamer Windows is best for now, and maybe some advanced CAD programs only run on Windows… have a look at http://osalt.com. The site lists several commercial software titles and their open-source equivalents. Sorry for your trouble!


    1. Well unfortunately the company I work for is a big MS supporter so if I want to develop programs for the company it has to be under that os. Also my brother/sister live far enough away that if I want to see them and talk I have to use Skype which doesn’t work under Linux (because MS owns it.) And my brother/sister won’t switch over to linux because they fear change. :^{D


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