Frenetic Friday

Yes it is once again time to enter that strange and wonderful place where I look with a gimlet eye at the latest goings on and crack wise.  Or not.

Okay, I know in less than forty-eight hours its the big one!  The munchies have been bought and Sunday evening services have be co-opted for Super Bowl parties.  But what if you don’t understand American football?  Well a helpful brit by the name of Frasier Davidson has something just for you.

So have you ever wondered just how free your state is?  Well now you can know the Mercatus Center at George Mason University did a comprehensive study on freedom they “… score all 50 states on over 200 policies encompassing fiscal policy, regulatory policy, and personal freedom. We weight public policies according to the estimated costs that government restrictions on freedom impose on their victims.”

And yes it irks me to no end that my state isn’t one of the ones that are ranked higher in freedom.


So did you know that many cultures have flood stories that are similar to the biblical story of Noah and the Ark?  Well it appears that a 4000 year old clay tablet has a story of the flood where the animals enter in by twos into a giant round coracle.  What’s a coracle?  Well it looks like this:
Right, any way the guys at Answers in Genesis look at what the archaeologist who is trying to say that the tablet is where the story of Noah and the Ark came from.  Take a look at their answers here.
Do you own a bible?  Just one?  Have you ever thought about how blessed it is in America that we have easy access to the bible in our language?  Take a look at these two videos of people getting bible for the first time in their language.
When was the last time you felt that much gratitude because you could read God’s Word in your language?
And since it has been quite some time since we heard from our robotic overlords here is a little bit of whimsy:  Seems researchers have developed a robot tongue to used different beers it has almost 82 percent accuracy.  Somehow I can’t see Martin Luther being too impressed by this.  But wait at UC Berkeley scientists have developed  robotic muscles that are 1000 times stronger than human muscles.  Just think during the robotic armageddon  our robotic overlords will be able to toss us longer and harder.  Makes me feel warm all over.
Have a good weekend!