Earworm Wednesday: Alone yet not Alone

There was a disturbance in Hollywood the other day, it seems that a little known song had beaten out others and now with four other songs was in the list of possible Oscar winners.  But worse of all the singer of this song isn’t a professional singer at all.  She is a quadriplegic who has only about 50 percent of her lung capability.   Her husband had to press upon her diaphragm for her to hit the high notes on the song.  Who is this singer?  Joni Eareckson Tada.  Joni who along with her husband runs a Christian ministry of giving wheelchairs to children (Joni and Friends).  What is the name of the song?  Alone yet not alone.

The song, which is the main song for the film of the same name, is hymn like in its lyrics and reflect the main theme of the film that despite the circumstances you are not alone God is with you.  The film is based upon a true story of German immigrant’s daughters who were captured by  Delaware warriors and carried away from their home.  Only to escape captivity and return to their family keeping hope through their faith in God.
Needless to say this has caused a large number of Oscar followers to cry foul!  How dare a “Christian” song dare to go against real Oscar songs.  Well frankly I’ve always loved a good rhubarb and I say bring it on!  Take a listen.