Movie Review: Drew: The Man Behind the Poster

So have you ever seen a movie poster that just made you want to go see that movie?  A piece of art so inspiring that you just knew that the movie it represented would be beyond belief.  Chances are that if you saw Raiders of the Lost Ark, or Back to the Future in an actual movie theater then you saw a movie poster made by Drew Struzan.

Now I had never heard of Drew Struzan before but I had seen his work, didn’t know it was his work but definitely saw the posters he had created.  So when an artist friend of mine said I had to see this film I sort of nodded my head, it looked interesting and promptly forgot about it.

So as I was scrolling through the new offerings on Netflix what do I see but the same title my friend had told me about this times the gears meshed and I pushed play.

What I found was an interesting peek into the life of one of the greatest movie poster makers in the world.  A man who doing it old school using oil paint, brushes, and pencils creates works of art that you can’t do using a computer.  When he makes a poster for a movie it is a painting it has an actual texture that is unlike anything currently being done for movie posters.  This movie allows you to look as a master artist creates  story on his canvas.

Now unfortunately there is adult profanity (there is an oxymoron if I ever typed one) in the movie and it does take away a bit from the beauty of the art.  But please don’t let that deter you from watching the movie ( your six year old yes, you no).  For you will get to see something that is dying out because now in the age of photoshop  poster art is no longer what it once was and with Drew Struzan you get a final glimpse into what was once great art.