Movie Review: Frozen

Frozen is Disney’s latest attempt to make a fairytale for the millennium generation. It is somewhat based upon Hans Christian Anderson’s Snow Queen. Only it’s not. Hans Christian Anderson’s tale of the Snow Queen was about two childeren Kai and Gerda and how Kai’s heart and eyes became affected by the shards of glass from a troll mirror and how the Snow Queen lured Kai to her castle of ice only to be saved by Gerda after many adventures.

*{Spoiler Alert}*

No Frozen is about two princesses Anna who has red hair and Elsa who has blond. Oh and Elsa has the power to make snow and ice appear (somebody tell Bobby Drake that he has a distant relative).

Well wouldn’t you know one day while Anna and Elsa are playing Elsa accidentally hits Anna with a blast of her frozen power.  This drops Anna like a sack of potatoes and who do Anna’s  parents take her to, why the trolls of course who cure Anna of her frozen head (head easy says the troll but the heart not so easy) but in order for things like this not to happen again they take away the memory of Elsa’s snow and ice making ability.  Elsa is forbidden to see her sister and Anna spends all of her time growing up wanting to see her sister but never being able to do so.

Needless to say this dysfunctional relationship is going to frostbite them in the end.

Along with this therapy session waiting to happen we have a mountain man named Kristoff, a reindeer named Sven who behaves like an over grown puppy and a living snow man called Olaf.

Okay I’ll be blunt I didn’t like this movie, but it has all the elements big eyed girls, catchy songs, and a moral to the story.  But frankly it is trying to hard to be the next Tangled and it’s not going to happen.  And personally I’d like to see Disney actual make a fairytale that sticks to the actual story.

Frozen gets two and half snowflakes out of four.