Frenetic Friday

Yes it is once again time to enter that strange and wonderful place where I look with a gimlet eye at the latest goings on and crack wise.  Or not.

Okay, I know in less than forty-eight hours its the big one!  The munchies have been bought and Sunday evening services have be co-opted for Super Bowl parties.  But what if you don’t understand American football?  Well a helpful brit by the name of Frasier Davidson has something just for you.

So have you ever wondered just how free your state is?  Well now you can know the Mercatus Center at George Mason University did a comprehensive study on freedom they “… score all 50 states on over 200 policies encompassing fiscal policy, regulatory policy, and personal freedom. We weight public policies according to the estimated costs that government restrictions on freedom impose on their victims.”

And yes it irks me to no end that my state isn’t one of the ones that are ranked higher in freedom.


So did you know that many cultures have flood stories that are similar to the biblical story of Noah and the Ark?  Well it appears that a 4000 year old clay tablet has a story of the flood where the animals enter in by twos into a giant round coracle.  What’s a coracle?  Well it looks like this:
Right, any way the guys at Answers in Genesis look at what the archaeologist who is trying to say that the tablet is where the story of Noah and the Ark came from.  Take a look at their answers here.
Do you own a bible?  Just one?  Have you ever thought about how blessed it is in America that we have easy access to the bible in our language?  Take a look at these two videos of people getting bible for the first time in their language.
When was the last time you felt that much gratitude because you could read God’s Word in your language?
And since it has been quite some time since we heard from our robotic overlords here is a little bit of whimsy:  Seems researchers have developed a robot tongue to used different beers it has almost 82 percent accuracy.  Somehow I can’t see Martin Luther being too impressed by this.  But wait at UC Berkeley scientists have developed  robotic muscles that are 1000 times stronger than human muscles.  Just think during the robotic armageddon  our robotic overlords will be able to toss us longer and harder.  Makes me feel warm all over.
Have a good weekend!

Earworm Wednesday: Fixing a Hole ~The Fray

Today’s earworm is a cover from the Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.  I will admit that I am a Beatles fan so I was pleasantly surprised to find a cover by another band that I like the Fray.  So here is the Fray singing “Fixing a Hole”.


Q. 77. What is required in the seventh commandment?

A. The seventh commandment requires the preservation of our own and our neighbor’s chastity, in heart, speech, and behavior.

Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.
1Corinthians 6:18

But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband.
1Corinthians 7:2

So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.
2Timothy 2:22

But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
Matthew 5:28

when they see your respectful and pure conduct.
1Peter 3:2

Earworm Wednesday: Alone yet not Alone

There was a disturbance in Hollywood the other day, it seems that a little known song had beaten out others and now with four other songs was in the list of possible Oscar winners.  But worse of all the singer of this song isn’t a professional singer at all.  She is a quadriplegic who has only about 50 percent of her lung capability.   Her husband had to press upon her diaphragm for her to hit the high notes on the song.  Who is this singer?  Joni Eareckson Tada.  Joni who along with her husband runs a Christian ministry of giving wheelchairs to children (Joni and Friends).  What is the name of the song?  Alone yet not alone.

The song, which is the main song for the film of the same name, is hymn like in its lyrics and reflect the main theme of the film that despite the circumstances you are not alone God is with you.  The film is based upon a true story of German immigrant’s daughters who were captured by  Delaware warriors and carried away from their home.  Only to escape captivity and return to their family keeping hope through their faith in God.
Needless to say this has caused a large number of Oscar followers to cry foul!  How dare a “Christian” song dare to go against real Oscar songs.  Well frankly I’ve always loved a good rhubarb and I say bring it on!  Take a listen.

Movie Review: Drew: The Man Behind the Poster

So have you ever seen a movie poster that just made you want to go see that movie?  A piece of art so inspiring that you just knew that the movie it represented would be beyond belief.  Chances are that if you saw Raiders of the Lost Ark, or Back to the Future in an actual movie theater then you saw a movie poster made by Drew Struzan.

Now I had never heard of Drew Struzan before but I had seen his work, didn’t know it was his work but definitely saw the posters he had created.  So when an artist friend of mine said I had to see this film I sort of nodded my head, it looked interesting and promptly forgot about it.

So as I was scrolling through the new offerings on Netflix what do I see but the same title my friend had told me about this times the gears meshed and I pushed play.

What I found was an interesting peek into the life of one of the greatest movie poster makers in the world.  A man who doing it old school using oil paint, brushes, and pencils creates works of art that you can’t do using a computer.  When he makes a poster for a movie it is a painting it has an actual texture that is unlike anything currently being done for movie posters.  This movie allows you to look as a master artist creates  story on his canvas.

Now unfortunately there is adult profanity (there is an oxymoron if I ever typed one) in the movie and it does take away a bit from the beauty of the art.  But please don’t let that deter you from watching the movie ( your six year old yes, you no).  For you will get to see something that is dying out because now in the age of photoshop  poster art is no longer what it once was and with Drew Struzan you get a final glimpse into what was once great art.


Q . 76. Which is the seventh commandment?

A. The seventh commandment is, “You shall not commit adultery.”

“You shall not commit adultery.”  Exodus 20:14

Frenetic Friday

Welcome to the first Frenetic Friday of the new year and away we go:

Oh yes the year has started out crazy and it hasn’t gotten better case in point:

New York  Satanists want to erect Baphomet statue next to the Ten Commandment statue in the capitol of Oklahoma.  Yes a New York group of Satanists have applied for a permit to build the seven foot tall seated figure of Baphomet which would have two smiling children on either side of it.  Lucien Greaves, a spokesperson for the Satanic Temple said: “will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation”.  Doesn’t that just give you a warm fuzzy? But that isn’t all no- no various other groups have asked also to put up statues of Hindu gods,  Flying Spaghetti Monster, and a animal rights group statue.

And then there was this:  Stephen, a father, has trouble figuring out what to name his unborn daughter so he has turned to the Internet and yes that has given the usual half wits a place to post stupid names.  At the time of this writing “Cthulu” is first place for the first name and All-Spark is first place for the middle name.  In case you didn’t know “Cthulu” is the name for a squid like demon-god that H.P. Lovecraft first created back in 1928.  And All-Spark is the soul or energy that makes transformers alive.  There is one caveat to this naming and that is the father gets to over rule any name and substitute one of his own.  I foresee a lot of therapy in this little girls life.

Some of us remember atomic wedgies, yes nothing like having the back of your underwear dragged up the the top of your head by some lout with more muscles than brains.  But this is new: a step father and son were drinking and gotten into a fight where upon the step father was killed when the son gave him an atomic wedgie!  The elastic of the underwear served as a ligature upon the neck of the step father and killed him.

Then there is this:

I guess a notice in the newspaper would have been too blasé.

And then to promote a film where a woman is giving birth to a baby conceived by the Devil we have this:

I’d like to point out something here there is nothing in the Bible that teaches the Antichrist is a child that was physically conceived by Satan, nothing.  It is a complete work of fiction.  

Speaking of kids here is another reason to homeschool your child.  A thirteen year old girl took a picture of a poster entitled “How do people express their sexual feelings.”  Can you guess?  Well I’m not going to list what was on the poster but if you want you can view it here.  And yes this was part of the schools sex education program!  Needless to say the father of the thirteen year old girl was upset, and I say good for him!  May his tribe increase!  He thinks what the poster describes is too much information for what a thirteen year old needs to know.  And I agree whole heartedly.  There is a difference between need to know and information over load.  Unfortunately that isn’t what is being taught in public schools no you have to get more information ever younger so that first graders know things that I never knew until I was an adult.  And yes that may be hyperbole but only just.

And last but not least Cristina Odone , former deputy editor of the New Statesman has written a provocative article about how liberalism has become the new orthodoxy and that new orthodoxy doesn’t allow for the presence of Christians.  You can read the article here.

And with that I wish you a good weekend.

Movie Review: Frozen

Frozen is Disney’s latest attempt to make a fairytale for the millennium generation. It is somewhat based upon Hans Christian Anderson’s Snow Queen. Only it’s not. Hans Christian Anderson’s tale of the Snow Queen was about two childeren Kai and Gerda and how Kai’s heart and eyes became affected by the shards of glass from a troll mirror and how the Snow Queen lured Kai to her castle of ice only to be saved by Gerda after many adventures.

*{Spoiler Alert}*

No Frozen is about two princesses Anna who has red hair and Elsa who has blond. Oh and Elsa has the power to make snow and ice appear (somebody tell Bobby Drake that he has a distant relative).

Well wouldn’t you know one day while Anna and Elsa are playing Elsa accidentally hits Anna with a blast of her frozen power.  This drops Anna like a sack of potatoes and who do Anna’s  parents take her to, why the trolls of course who cure Anna of her frozen head (head easy says the troll but the heart not so easy) but in order for things like this not to happen again they take away the memory of Elsa’s snow and ice making ability.  Elsa is forbidden to see her sister and Anna spends all of her time growing up wanting to see her sister but never being able to do so.

Needless to say this dysfunctional relationship is going to frostbite them in the end.

Along with this therapy session waiting to happen we have a mountain man named Kristoff, a reindeer named Sven who behaves like an over grown puppy and a living snow man called Olaf.

Okay I’ll be blunt I didn’t like this movie, but it has all the elements big eyed girls, catchy songs, and a moral to the story.  But frankly it is trying to hard to be the next Tangled and it’s not going to happen.  And personally I’d like to see Disney actual make a fairytale that sticks to the actual story.

Frozen gets two and half snowflakes out of four.