Frank Moses is trying to live the good life.  He hasn’t killed any one lately and is trying to make a life with girlfriend Sarah Ross.  Enter Marvin, Frank’s paranoid friend, who tries to convince Frank that someone is after them.  Frank isn’t having any of it, he wants to live the quiet life with Sarah.  Marvin finally leaves  only to have his car explode in a ball of flame.

Sarah devastated that Marvin is dead (even if Frank doesn’t believe it)  makes Frank go to the funeral.  There he is handcuffed and forced to go to a facility where they question him about one of his only failures as an agent.  While there a hit squad led by Jack Horton kills most if not all of the facility’s employees until he finds Frank.  He then tells Frank that he will torture Sarah until Frank gives up all he knows about operation Nightshade.   Frank escapes and it is time to get the gang back together again as they go on a whirlwind of laughs and violence.

You don’t need to watch RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) to enjoy this one.  But it helps, To see John Malkovich (Marvin) giving Frank (Bruce Willis) love life advice is priceless especially the look on his face when Frank does the opposite of what he says to do.  But it is even more so when you remember that Marvin is the guy who lives in an under ground bunker that you access through the trunk of a broken down car.

But the absolute best is Helen Mirren as Victoria the best hit person that MI6 ever had until she retired (Oh I still keep my hand in she says) when she is on the screen the fun begins.  However, do keep an eye on Byung-hun Lee as the Korean assassin  he is the Korean Jackie Chan and has the ability to provide humor in amidst extreme action.

This film is violent, so it is for adults and kids no younger than sixteen at the most.  But the black sardonic humor that underlies this movie may not come out for the the sixteen year old crowd.  And there isn’t any-twenty something-teen-fan  actor in this group so the sixteen year old’s interest may not even be there.  Much the better for the adults who may want a movie to watch by themselves.  RED 2 gets four stars out of five.