Movie Review: Thor: The Dark World


It’s been two years since Jane Foster has last seen Thor since that time Bifrost has been repaired and Thor has spent his time quelling rebellions that have sprung up in the nine realms.  But that isn’t all we also learn about the dark elves the  inhabitants of Svartlfhelm who tried to destroy the universe eons ago but were stopped by Odin’s father Bor.  Bor captured the ultimate weapon of the dark elves called the Aether.  But the leader of the dark elves Malekith escaped with his lieutenant waiting for an opportune moment to strike.

And that moment has come the nine realms are aligning and which means travel between worlds has become easier and Jane Foster has found the Aether’s hiding place and the Aether has infected her.  In doing so Jane Foster has become hidden from all seeing Helmdahl who alerts Thor. Once again Thor travels to Midgard to find Jane Foster and takes her to Asgard.  Which angers Odin, and it is then that Odin recognizes what is in Jane’s body.  At the same time Malekith has awoken and attacks Asgard looking for the Aether.

This movie is much better in my opinion than the first movie, although that is totally subjective as I have friends of mine that said that they are about the same.  I disagree I think this is better plotted and more fun than the first one.  And frankly Tom Hiddleston has stolen this movie away.  He is the best evil Marvel villain in a long time and he brings the right dark humor to this movie.

Thor is fun, action packed and worth seeing I give it four hammers out of five.