Frenetic Friday!

Quick to the Keach Cave it’s Frenetic Friday!

You know times are tough and people are turning to very interesting jobs.  Case in point cuddling.  Yes for sixty dollars a pop Samantha Hess will come into your house wrap her arms around you and cuddle.  She is a professional cuddler   I know what your thinking but no nothing sexual is going on instead she considers herself a healer, a therapist of sorts.    Still it seems a steep price for a hug, and she admits that her cuddling has caused a marriage to end in divorce.  Frankly I think cuddling should be reserved for family members myself.

Next is a list of the twenty-one shameful ways we are forcing children to be sissies:

1. We punish them for being brave:  Teen prevents a knife fight gets reprimanded.

A Calgary student was scolded for being involved in an incident with a weapon. Sounds pretty legitimate until you realize that he was stopping a potential stabbing from happening in his classroom. School officials hope to make the wayward vigilante an example to any other student who foolishly mistakes saving a life for an act of heroism.

2.  We make them fear friendship:  Kindergarten Girl Suspended for Threatening to Use Hello Kitty Bubble Gun

A young girl was temporarily removed from school for talking about using a bubble gun that she didn’t even have with her. In a typical five-year-old statement, the girl is quoted as saying that she wanted to shoot herself and her friends with the gun “so that they could all be together.” Such adorably flawed logic melts the hearts of most people, but for her school district, it was enough to spur a three-hour interrogation.

More here (warning language)

Now in politics Mark Steyn describes what happened to a driver who didn’t come to a complete stop in a Walmart parking lot and got free (!) colonoscopy, x-ray, and rectal probes all without a valid warrant.  Read it here.

Ok you’ve seen it no doubt, Jean-Claude Van Damme standing on the side mirrors of two Volvo trucks which drive backward slowly separating until he is in a full split.  Well here is how it was done:

Hate cleaning underwear?  Never have enough?  What about you ladies who just want to have a “pretty” one at a moment’s notice?  Well good news there is now a 3D printer that can make underwear for you.  This printer can churn out a pair of briefs in three seconds or less.  Not only that but (no pun intended)  this printer could probably print you and entire suit of clothes!  Technology it’s wonderful!

Speaking of technology you know it wouldn’t be a Frenetic Friday if we didn’t mention our Robotic Overlords:

Meet Furo an anime faced robot that is used for teaching, restaurant work, information guide etc..

Have a good weekend!




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