Frenetic Friday

Look up in the sky!  No, I said the sky.  OK keep staring at the words on this page see if I care.  Now where was I?  It’s Frenetic Friday!  Yes Frenetic Friday that strange alien post that appears infrequently on this blog.  Now on with the show:

The Federal Government has been shut down.  Because of lack of funds (reckless over spending) in response to the shut down certain national parks and memorials have been cordoned off.  Case in point the WWII memorial was cordoned off by the national park police and a group of WWII veterans were denied entrance, that is until some congressmen and other legislators got them past the barricades.  Well it seems that perhaps the government thinks it owns national parks that it doesn’t own.  The national park police tried to shut down George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate until they were told that it was privately funded!  I guess the government doesn’t own everything even if it thinks it does.

Recently I was forwarded this in my email:

It’s a mixed-up world we live in.  Sad, but true!

Charlie Sheen is 45 and his story is still all over the news because he
is a substance abuser, an adulterer, and sexually promiscuous.

Lindsay Lohan is 24 and her story is all over the news because she’s a
celebrity drug addict and thief.


Justin Allen 23,
Brett Linley 29,
Matthew Weikert 29,
Justus Bartett 27,
Dave Santos 21,
Jesse Reed 26,
Matthew Johnson 21,
Zachary Fisher 24,
Brandon King 23,
Christopher Goeke 26
and Sheldon Tate 27……
are all Marines that gave their lives this week for you. There is no
media for them; not even a mention of their names.

Honor THEM by sending this on!

I DID. WILL YOU?         ~~~~~~~~~~ ?

This puzzled me were these real marines did they actual die this week?  Or was this just a play on my sympathies?  So I decided to do an Internet search and see what I could find out about these names.

Well interestingly enough I found that these were the name of fallen soldiers all of whom but one, were American soldiers and the one was British.  All had died in Afghanistan but not this week, (between July 10 and 16 2010) nine served in the US Army, the British soldier served with the 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment,The Royal Logistic Corps.  If you want to read more about these brave men go here.

In news of pure unadulterated speculation there is supposedly a real one ring to rule them all, well the supposed inspiration for it.  Here is a picture of the ring:

One ring to rule them all.

This Roman ring which had a curse tablet with it.  The tablet  pronounced doom on any one that stole the ring supposedly JRR Tolkein visited the place where it had been found and discussed the ring with archaeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler when Wheeler realized that the ring and the cursed tablet belonged together.

And now two stories concerning our Robotic Over Lords:

From Australia, seems that hauling iron in the outback pays some drivers $224,000 a year.  But the mining company had decided to replace the drivers with robotic trains that work longer and decidedly cheaper than the human drivers.

Next is one of the biggest robots in the world.  in fact a Guiness world record holder.  It is a dragon and it is found in Germany?  Yes it seems the Germans have gotten one up on the Japanese this time and have created a huge fire breathing dragon that is used in a traditional play called the slaying of the dragon.  (who have guessed?)

That is it for today enjoy your weekend.