Movie Review: North by Northwest

Suave, debonair, the ultimate spy he’s Roger Thornhill.  Wait, Roger Thornhill?  Yes long before Sean Connery filled my screen with his surly charm there was Cary Grant with his self depreciating humor.

Cary Grant plays Roger Thornhill a man who is mistaken for a government agent by foreign spies.  As he runs for his life he meets and falls for Eve Kendall (Eva Marie Saint) a cool blond on a train who hides Roger in a pull down bed.  Roger is attracted to her only to find out that she is a government agent who has been passing on information from the very spies that are trying to kill him.

Alfred Hitchcock the director of this film makes the best use of these actors Cary Grant is perfect in his role as the much put upon Thornhill who only wants to be left alone and return to his mundane work.  Eva Marie Saint is the cool Nordic blond that Hitchcock loved to put into his movie.  James Mason is the perfect sneering enemy making dark quips as he deals with Cary Grant’s interference.

This is one of Cary Grant’s best performances he is what George Clooney aspires to be and still falls short.  But it is Hitchcock’s direction that brings out these qualities.

North by Northwest is a suspenseful thriller that doesn’t rely on fight sequences to make it exciting but instead there is a cerebral quality that draws the viewer in and elevates him beyond physicality.

If you haven’t watched this try to find it on Turner Classic Movies or even better buy it pop some popcorn and sit down to watch a great movie.

North by Northwest gets five stars out of five.