Frenetic Saturday?

Welcome once again to another Frenetic Friday… wait it is Saturday isn’t it?  Well this is awkward but the Frenetic Friday is passed due so on with the show…


First the war on boys:  Did you know about this?  If not take a look at Real Deal Manhood post here.  What really puts me on my ear is this “tug of peace” nonsense, renaming tug of war to tug of peace because it is less violent sounding?  Unless they’ve redefined tugging to be dancing around a maypole you are still doing ultimately an aggressive action.  There will be a winner and a loser.  But then again they may just declare both sides a winner or is that a whiner? 

Frank Turk over at the Pyromaniac’s blog has gone on parole.


Let’s hope he gets some rest. 

Welcome to the advent of Soylent Green!  We have here the first test tube, yes you read that right test tube burger. 

Makes me glad I became a vegetarian. 

And I’m going to sign off with two items from Japan the first is, well you have to see this to believe it.

Showed this to a friend of mine he agreed that they have strange TV shows over there and that over here somebody would probably have shot the dinosaur.

And last some times our Robotic Overlords like to disarm us by playing the cute card so here is the first robotic astronaut from Japan. 

That’s all folks!