Movie Review: Wolverine

There are certain iconic characters in comics and films that I really get torqued when they screw it up.  This is one of the reasons I won’t see the Lone Ranger not even if you paid me.  Wolverine is one of those characters.  And fortunately they have made a good film.  Unlike that abomination they had made previous to this. 

This story line follows somewhat the Frank Miller story which finds Logan (Wolverine) in Japan.  Why is he in Japan? It is at the request of a man whose life he saved in World War II, a Japanese soldier that  risked his own life to free Logan when the bomb dropped on Nagasaki.  Now that man is dying and wants to offer Logan something he doesn’t have: a chance to become normal. 

Logan travels to Japan and he goes for many reasons he is still torn up from killing Jean Grey. He has nightmares all the time where he kills her again and again.  And he’s lost hope he isn’t the man he was and this lack of purpose keeps him hiding on a mountain in a state of drunk.  So he goes from a sense of duty he once had but doesn’t know why he still has it.

However, once in Japan he realizes that things are as them seem to be and that he has been dragged into a web of deceit and betrayal. 

This is a fast paced movie lots of action scenes, the fight scene on top of the bullet train is worth the price of the ticket alone.  Adult language, implied sex (nothing shown), and a lot of drinking.  keep this in mind and I don’t suggest anyone under fifteen. 

Wolverine gets four adamantine claws out of five.