Frenetic Friday

Welcome to Frenetic Friday and here we go…

On July 29, 1775, the Continental Congress established the military chaplaincy. Chaplains were paid $20 per month, and provided “forage for one horse.” So let’s see what has happened in the two hundred and thirty-eight years since Congress established the chaplaincy why it seems that Lt. Col. Kenneth Reyes quoted a former president Dwight D. Eisenhower’s statement that “there are no atheists in fox holes” in an article about chaplains and the rabid atheist group Military Religious Freedom Foundation contacted the base commander and requested that he put a stop to Reyes’ anti-secular diatribe and reprimand Lt.Col. Reyes. Understand, Reyes was talking about chaplains and not atheists yet because of the one reference to atheists he was attacked , and the his article was pulled from the website it was posted on. One wonders what General George Washington would have responded to attacking the institution that he had a part in creating?

In case you hadn’t heard the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their son George Alexander Louis in honor of that I give you the Kingsmen:

Want to have some guests over unexpectedly? Google backpacks and pressure cookers and get a surprise visit from a terrorist task force. Course this shouldn’t surprise you since the FBI are now using malware to spy on you and turn on your smart phone’s microphone.

Religion of Peace Alert in news from Saudi Arabia a man trying to start a Liberal website has been sentenced to 600 lashes and seven years in prison. Oh and the website has to come down.

Robot OverLords Alert: just when you thought it couldn’t get worse well their making robots that crawl and fly

And last here is something from the Keith and Kristyn Getty: In Christ Alone

Well Denny Burk has an excellent post on the PCUSA decision not to place this song in their new hymnal because of this line from the third stanza: The wrath of God was satisfied

No wrath for the PCUSA just because it is biblical.

That’s it for a late Friday night thanks folks!