Movie Review: Now you see me

What happens when four street magicians are summoned to an apartment in the wrong side of town only to appear a year later in Las Vegas?

These four magicians emerge with a spectacular act that wows the audience and steals money from an affluent banker.  But they don’t keep the money no every member of the audience gets the cash in Las Vegas but the money was stolen from France. 

Enter the FBI and Interpol to try to find out the secrets of the magicians but you know magicians; they never tell their secrets. Except maybe for one, played by Morgan Freeman, who works with the FBI elite squad to unmask their tricks but who exactly is fooling whom?  And is Morgan Freeman’s character real that altruistic?  Or is there something for in it for him?   But really nothing is quite as it seems because “the closer you look the less you’ll see.”

There is some language and some sexual scenes but no nudity so while this isn’t a perfect family film you can at least see it with your teenagers. 

Ultimately this movie is fast paced and fun, the cast of characters work well and this movie will keep you guessing right to the end. 

I’m giving this movie 4 hat tricks out of five.