Frenetic Friday

Well this is going to be a short one today folks I’ve been busy trying to unfriend the NSA.

Do I really need to say anything else?  Well if I do it will be taken down and used against me.

There are Calvinist Baptists, I’m one, but why are there no Lutheran Baptists?  See here and here  ht Lee Shelton

J.D. Hall the author of Help Mom there are Arminians under my bed has written a follow up book called Help! Arminians are giving me nightmares againRoger Olsen must be  apoplectic by now.

Have you seen this:

Well read his story here:  Roy Costner

Of Course the Freedom from Religion Foundation has responded.

And speaking of the ACLU they are filing suit in Washington state they are  questioning whether health care regulatory agencies and public hospital districts should grant approval to faith-based hospitals — primarily Catholic — that don’t offer reproductive and end-of-life services that are widely available at secular hospitals. In some rural areas of the state, the ACLU says, hospital consolidations and mergers could leave communities only with Catholic hospitals which refuse, based on Catholic religious beliefs, to provide such services.

So one of the great traditions of the church, providing health care for people, we are now being told that unless our principles regarding life change to the same as the secular society we shouldn’t exist.  If your not seeing the battle lines being drawn here folks you’re head is buried in the sand.

Yesterday was the anniversary of D-Day here is FDR’s prayer on that day.

Ask yourself could that prayer be said today over the air by the President?

See you next week.