Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

Red alert! Red Alert! Star Trek Into Darkness movie review spoilers are ahead!

What do you get when you mix the Space Seed episode with the Wrath of Khan? You get J.J. Abrams latest Star Trek movie.

Kirk and crew are in trouble again, and it is normal Kirk rule bending that has caused it. He’s decided to ignore the prime directive and save a planet with primitive humanoids in doing so he has exposed the natives to future technology.

And Spock does what is right he reports their actions to Starfleet. The action is swift Kirk has been busted and is no longer in command of the Enterprise the ship has been given back to Captain Pike and Spock has been assigned to another ship. But all is not lost as Kirk has been assigned as the first officer to Captain Pike.

The fleet officers have been called together for an emergency a “library” has been destroyed in a terrorist attack by one of the Federation’s own John Harrison. And he isn’t stopping there.  While the fleet officer meet to discuss what to do about the terrorist attack John Harrison  appears and attack the fleet officers! With many of the fleet officers dead, including Captain Pike, Kirk asks to be reinstated as the captain of the Enterprise and to be given the task to track down John Harrison. But it isn’t going to be easy John Harrison has transported himself to an uninhabited portion of of the Klingon home world. Admiral Marcus gives Kirk carte blanche to do whatever it takes to kill John Harrison and arms him with special photon torpedoes.

Kirk captures John Harrison only to learn that Harrison isn’t whom he seems he is in fact Khan Noonien Singh!

I like this movie it was well acted but there are parts of it that frankly I could have done without. First I’d like a little less emotion in my Vulcans. Abrams’ Spock let loose too much for my taste. And also yes Kirk was a ladies man. But Abrams seems to take it to excess. I don’t need to see him in bed with twin alien women. And Abrams has to quit having Spock talk to Old Spock that was the weakest part of the film. Yet saying all that there were perfect choices for the crew Simon Pegg as Scotty is brilliance he nails the part perfectly. Karl Urban reprises his Bones role and again fills it perfectly. The same with Sulu, Chekov, and Uhura perfectly cast. But in my opinion Benedict Cumberbatch steals the show as Khan. His intensity and delivery make him the best Khan since Ricardo Montalbán,

Star Trek Into Darkness has intense action, violence, language, and adult situations (no nudity) I give it three and half photon torpedoes out of five.


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  1. Nice review. I haven’t seen all the original Star Trek films, so there were a few references I picked up on, but there were parts where judging by the reaction of the audience, some other reference was made that will please Trekkies, even if I missed it. Overall, the fans will be pleased.


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