Frenetic Friday

Well the National Day of Prayer has come and gone.  Despite the protests of the LGBT communities pastor Greg Laurie was still the honorary chairman.  Having read the statement from President Obama the best I can say is that he was trying to be as neutral as possible.  In doing so he made no mention of the faith of the founders at all.  So whatever “god” he was talking about it certainly wasn’t the Christian God.

Speaking of the National Day of Prayer Dan Phillips has re-posted a post from 2009 on why we shouldn’t have a National Day of Prayer.

I’m sure you’ve either seen or heard this:

Basically Eric Broussard said the standard Christian orthodox teaching regarding homosexuals and sexual sins.  Well that couldn’t last the LGBT community raised a howl regarding this so of course ESPN had to apologize for the ‘distracting’ remarks opposing homosexual behavior.  Because, again, tolerance means we we can’t have any opposing views.

You have to see this, it is the world’s smallest movie made out of atoms!

I know, I know, I didn’t have a Earworm Wednesday this week but fortunately our Robotic Overlords has provided us some entertainment.