Movie Review: Total Recall 2012

Douglas Quaid a factory worker isn’t satisfied with his life he dreams of something different then the dystopian future that he lives in and so he goes to Rekall to live another life.  But is it another life or is it his real life?
Total Recall is based upon Phiip K. Dick short story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.  The story and the movie both are concerned with what is reality.  Is it what we remember and if those memories are changed can we really trust those memories to reflect truth.  The themes of what reality truly is and what we know reality is flow through this movie.  Anyone who has seen the 1990 film know this is true and the 2012
movie also plays on what is reality and what can we trust.
The 2012 movie’s special effect has been upgraded from the first version as is expected and there has been tweaks to the story also.  There are subtle nods toward the original movie too.  Colin Farrell and Kate Beckensale was a good choice for this remake.  I can take or leave Jessica Biel.  There is some nudity and a lot of fantasy violence so this is a sixteen or older movie.
I give this movie three stars out of five.

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  1. The cast and action make this predictable story a whole lot more enjoyable, but it’s still the same, old formula as the original. Except this time, it’s without all of the hilarious Arnie one-liners. Nice review.


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