Movie Review: Jack Reacher

Tom Cruise stars as Lee Child’s wandering hero Jack Reacher.  The story opens on a shooting, five people shot by sniper fire, the sniper is found and taken into custody.  He writes one sentence:  Get Jack Reacher.  When you next see the suspect he lies in a coma having been beaten to an inch of his life by inmates in the van that he was being transported in.  Next the district attorney and the sniper’s attorney are arguing about how to reach Jack Reacher since he has no permanent address but just roams from one place to the next with no driver’s license or bank account.  Just living off the grid collecting his military retirement money via wire transfers.  And of course at that moment Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) walks in.
I’ve read Lee Child’s first Jack Reacher novel.  Child has crafted an interesting character, a former military police office that after thirty years has decided to wander the United States living off his pension.  Never owning much more than the clothes on his back he either walks or buys a bus ticket to get where he is going.  Lee Child describes his character of Jack Reacher as 6’5″ with a fifty inch chest weighing between 210 and 250 pounds.  Tom Cruise is 5’7″ and weighs 170 pounds.  There is no physical comparison.  However, Cruise manages to get into the spirit of the character as he stoically faces the problems of finding out who actually did the shooting.
Jack Reacher is full of intense action and violence, the story moves along at a quick pace but I found the scene of the sniper shooting to be a little intense since one of the victims is carrying a child (which lives) as she runs from the sniper fire.  This is a movie for sixteen and up at the least and there is one brief flash of nudity that could have been left out.
I’m giving Jack Reacher 3 out of 5