Frenetic Friday

Yes once again it is time for another Frenetic Friday but first the staff and management of the Keach Fan Blog hope and pray that you had a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful New Year.  Now on with the show!

Religion of Peace Alert!  Did you know that it is illegal to celebrate Christmas in Saudi Arabia?  No I didn’t either but forty-one people have been detained for plotting to celebrate Christmas.  Makes you appreciate that first amendment doesn’t it?
Speaking of first amendment remember Hobby Lobby?  The company’s stance against Obama care is going to result in a 1.3 million a day fine starting January 1.  Keep in mind they are not against all contraception drugs just ones like the morning after pill that is an abortion inducing drug.  But the government doesn’t care it is all or nothing and your beliefs as a Christian doesn’t count.  Me I’m going to buy all my crafts at Hobby Lobby.
Going to Les Miserables?  Before you do you might want to read this article by L. Michael Morales Les Miserables: Law, Grace and Redemption
Speaking of YouTube here is its 2012 year in rewind.  And yeah two songs that received way too much radio play.
Wow after that I don’t know whether to wind my watch or stir my coffee.
BTW Happy Birthday to Stan Lee, yes the man who brought Spiderman and the Hulk to comic reading fans is 90.
They blew it up!  They blew it up!
Okay I’m back or am I?  After all I’m not really here I’m doing this over a computer and a lot of people do that it’s called telecommuting.  But what if you need a “presence” there but don’t want to actually “be” there.  Welcome to telepresence:
But wait why spend all that money when you can do it yourself:
Haven’t I seen this before?  Oh yeah here it is:
That’s it for today!  See you next year!  Yeah I never get tired of that.