Movie Review: Arthur Christmas

Things have gotten hi-tech at Santa’s workshop. Big brother Steve (played by Hugh Laurie) is in charge of getting all the presents to the children. Santa just makes the “token” delivery guided in by a horde of commando like elves that make sure the one Santa delivered present happens. Oh and then there’s Arthur.

Arthur is a strange boy, well at least that is what his family and some of the elves think. After all Arthur actually seems to care about Christmas and about Santa too.

And that is the whole message about Arthur Christmas that we’ve gotten lost in all the frenzied preparations that the meaning of Christmas, and the joy of a child receiving a present from Santa has been lost. And Santa is the one that has lost this most of all.

This is a nice sentiment but it does get muddled a bit by the subplots in the story and it does seem a bit slow at parts.

Because of this I’m giving this two and half jingle bells out of four.