Movie Review: Looper

Looper is a movie about time travel and the theme of this movie is summed up nicely by Jeff Daniels who says: “This time travel crap, just fries your brain like a egg.” Looper looks at the age old question of if you could go back in time to kill Adolf Hitler when he was a baby would you. But to understand Looper you must know what is a looper.

In the not too distant future, dystopian as seems to be the norm in modern time travel films, time travel has been invented and then immediately outlawed. Because in the future a body is almost impossible to be disposed of criminal organizations use loopers, a type of executioner to kill the person by sending them into the past where body disposal is so much easier. The person arrives hooded and tied down in some out of the way place, the looper fires his blunder buss, (a high tech version of a sawed off shotgun) killing the person and collecting the bars of silver that has been strapped to his back. The looper then converts his silver to cash and spends it on alcohol, drugs, and women.

There is a down side to this lifestyle and that is after a certain period of time the looper will kill someone and on his back will be bars of gold instead of silver. When that happens the looper’s contract has been closed (the loop is closed) and the looper is out of a job. He’s also killed himself from thirty years after his contract has ended. Once this happens the looper knows he has only thirty years of life left to him. Sometimes a looper won’t kill his older self and when this occurs a truly horrible method is used to bring the older looper to his destiny.

But something is happening in the future more and more looper contracts are being closed at a rapid rate and this has caused a paradox to occur.

Looper is rated R there is drugs use, violence of a high intensity and of a disturbing quality, and nudity-sexual situations. This is not a film for anyone other than an adult.

I’m going to give this 3.5 time travel machines out of 5. It is a good movie but it sucked the soul right out of me and left me cold.