Frenetic Friday

First a few things from Dan Phillips

And why voting for a third party candidate is voting for Obama made clear:  This election’s choice:  Romney, third party (=Obama), or don’t vote (=Obama)
Next Al Gore blames Denver’s altitude for Obama’s debate loss.
Next in Religion:
 The PCUSA continues it’s slide into apostasy with this latest poll:  PCUSA members favoring same sex marriage
James Hannam of First Things opines on Jesus Fakes.
John MacArthur preaches here about Abortion and the Campaign for Immorality  HT: Fred Butler
Now a little instruction:
Bananas they taste great and are high in potassium but they are a pain to peel.  Maybe it’s because we’ve been doing it wrong.  Here’s how to do it right:
Ok I admit that I am a big Batman fan but this is taking it to a whole new level of crazy:  Guy dressed as Batman arrested for refusing to leave a crime scene
On the robotic overlord scene we have a Michael Jackson dancing robot.  I’m not sure this is a step forward toward domination.
Speaking of technology here’s a tip people who call you up on the phone to tell you that your computer has:
a. Virus
b. Mal-ware
c. Hard drive errors
Are scam artists don’t fall for their scareware scam.
And with that enjoy the weekend.