Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

First let me say that I’m not a big fan of “re-imagined” classic tales into the “director’s vision” of what the characters are or how they are supposed to act.
Having said all that this version of Snow White while flawed is at least better that a SyFy Saturday night movie.  The acting is fair but to cast Kristen Stewart (Snow White) against Charlize Theron (Evil Queen Raveena) with Stewart being the “fairest in the land” is really stacking the odds against Stewart.
This movie also stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor/Avengers) as the “huntsman” who’s coerced by the Queen to find Snow White when she flees into the “dark woods” where all manner of horrendous beasts and creatures live and the huntsman is the only person who can get in and get back out again.
But the queen has duped the huntsman (duh) and he finds out that the girl he is searching for is the long-lost princess Snow White then they meet the dwarfs.  And I’d like to, just for once, see the addition of dwarfs into a story where they don’t trap the main characters and hang them upside down.  It is getting old and if I see it in the Hobbit I just may throw a conniption fit.
There is a serious lack of character development in this movie and when Stewart’s big moment comes and she rallies the troops after coming back from the dead I just don’t care any more and just want the movie to end.
I’m going to give this movie two and a half Grimm’s fairy tales out of five.