Frenetic Friday

First Politics:

The time line of statements regarding who said what regarding the attacks on Egypt ant Libya .

I think Mitt Romney was correct in his statements and Obama blew it.

Next Religion:

Regarding the “film” that supposedly sparked this attack. I’m not really convinced that this was what really caused the attack the date is too coincidental for me to believe that was the sole factor. However, when it comes to debating Muslims on their beliefs I think that “film” isn’t the best we can do. Instead I offer in my humble opinion the best apologist for debating Muslims—Dr. James White

It is people that produce dreck like the “film” (no I’m not going to link to it) that under cuts good apologists like Dr. White and Christians need to step up and show that there is no call for schlock apologetics.

And now things that make me go “What?”

Seems the German police ordered new cruisers from Opel the European equivalent of GM. Well besides having special paint jobs that identify them as police cars they are also smaller than the previous vehicles. Too small seems that with all their equipment on (batons, guns, handcuffs, pepper spray, etc…) they can’t fit in the car. Unfortunately since the cars are already paid for the police have been told that they will just have to make do. (See this article)

The new IPhone has been revealed. I for one am not impressed. I’ve jail broken my own IPhone and I can’t see how the new one actually gives me more advantages than what I already have. But one of the things that really torqued me was the fact that they have changed the charge cord’s power connector to something totally different. When I heard of this I told a friend of mine that Apple, who already charges way over any reasonable price for their equipment, would probably offer an adapter for those of us who have the older cords (and they are) but I bet it will be around $30 for the adapter. Sure enough I listened to the CNET podcast and what did they say? “the new adapters will be around 30 dollars”. I hate it when I’m right.

Now for some signs and wonders:

Yes I know the music, sorry.

Democrats are so inclusive

See told you they were.

Lastly a little something from Pomplamoose:

That theme is never going to be the same for me.