Movie review: Expendables 2

Don’t go to this movie if you want cerebral discussion on foreign policy or the angst of growing old. Go watch 2016 or the bucket list.

No there is one thing this movie is about and that is body count. This the wrecking crew of all wrecking crews and they are determined to leave no bad guy alive.

Most of the original cast of the first movie is back although Jet Li leaves fairly early in the movie to be replaced by a female version of him. (Actress Nan Yu). Also along for this ride is Liam Hemsworth the younger brother of Chris Hemsworth the actor who played Thor in the Avengers. Liam plays Billy the kid the sharpshooter of the group who wants to leave the group because he’s tired of killing.

Stallone and crew are once again employed by Church (Bruce Willis) to get what should be a simple retrieval of some classified documents from a wrecked airliner. But this of course isn’t the case rather Billy gets captured by the villain of the movie Jean Claude Van Damme aptly named, of course Villain.

The movie predictably kills the “one person who had something to live for” sending the rest of the team into the Romanian countryside to look for Villain and his crew. Along the way Norris, Schwarzenegger, and Willis appear deux ex machina just in time to save Stallone and company when it looks like they are trapped. And to trade some quips about other movie roles. Norris even does one of the infamous “Chuck Norrisisms”.

Expendables 2 is a tongue in cheek homage to 80’s action heroes. And in regards to that it is fun but because of the violence in this and the profanity it isn’t for anyone but adults and even then only for those that enjoyed the action heroes of the eighties.