Frenetic Friday

OK I saw this graphic on Facebook and I loved it I believe it is a more accurate statement than similar ones.

More ninth commandment breakers are exposed:
And in news from Canada it appears that walking your dog near a group of Muslims can get you into a lot of trouble.
What really hits my nerves on this story is this particular line right here:  “Remember, please, that there are taxi drivers who will refuse to take blind passengers with seeing eye dogs.”  Now think of returning vets who have service dogs.  They are denied a ride because the dog which helps them cope with their PTSD is unclean.
And now for news in science: have you ever been accused of being full of hot air.  Well how about a car that runs on compressed air.
Do you remember this:
Those speeder bikes were so cool.  So much so that a company named Aeroflex decided to make one.
And last in our science section a little something regarding the coming robot apocalypse.  Researchers at Harvard have developed a crawling robot that can quickly inject pigment into it’s body to blend into the background and make it practically invisible.   Now you won’t even see them coming for you.
Switching to politics, sometimes a picture just says it all.
Anarchists target RNC at Tampa:
Tampa police uncover a pile of potential weapons on a roof of a building along with graffity that has been linked to the group Anonymous.  Learn more here
Speaking of movies, for all you Dark Knight Rises fans here is some alternative endings: